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The predecessor of Fujian Quanzhou Yatai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is saimei'an pharmaceutical factory affiliated to Quanzhou people's hospital. It has a history of more than 60 years. It not only continues to inherit the production of "saimei'an" time-honored drug, but also makes two unknown "ancestral secret recipes" approved as seven national standard drug series through pharmaceutical research and clinical verification A hospital run pharmaceutical factory has developed into a modern Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise with capsule, tablet, powder (for external use), cream, granule and other initial scale. Saiwei'an capsule (formerly saimei'an capsule), saimei'an powder, saimei'an cream and so on, which are the key products of the enterprise, are exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, Hong Kong and Macao by Xiamen native animal products import and export company in 1964. Because of their reliable quality, outstanding curative effect and long-lasting market, they have become our company "Saimei'an powder" is also known as "Fujian Baiyao" and has been successfully registered in these countries and regions. In recent years, with the continuous promotion of academic exchanges between Quanzhou and Southeast Asian countries in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, the clinical and pharmaceutical scientific research achievements of Symbian drugs have been promoted at the same time to further serve the people of the world.

The enterprise is located in Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (Qingmeng Park), covering an area of 15832m2 and a total construction area of 10575m2. Since the certification, the enterprise has increased its scientific and technological research and development efforts, strengthened cooperation with many scientific research institutions such as the Institute of molecular medicine of Huaqiao University, and invested more than 10 million yuan to develop a variety of high-tech drugs. We believe that as long as we establish a scientific outlook on development, rely on scientific and technological forces, accelerate the pace of innovative drug development, respect and promote traditional Chinese medicine, let more people believe in and use traditional Chinese medicine, and achieve the goal of more efficient, safer and more convenient in the process of continuous inheritance and innovation promotion, we can make enterprises develop continuously and dedicate to the construction of the Economic Zone on the west coast of the Straits Set up.

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